Tag - Fitness Reality Air Walker X1 Elliptical

FITNESS REALITY. Real People, Real Results. The FITNESS REALITY Dual Action Multi Direction Cloud Walker X1 can give you an excellent cardiovascular workout while eliminating any impact on knees, ankles and leg joints. Dual action arms will provide an upper body workout at the same time. An exceptional 36” range of motion allows you stretch your leg muscles, work your hamstrings and thus increasing flexibility, even more effectively than most typical elliptical trainers. The Cloud Walker X1 folds for storage so it is excellent for small or limited spaces, and easily stored in a closet. You can simulate a slow walk and work up to a full run and get complete freedom with the continuous multi-directional leg motion capability. In addition, the Cloud Walker X1 provides inner and outer thigh exercises utilizing side to side leg stretches. Using the FITNESS REALITY Air Walker X1 Elliptical will provide an effective workout with real results and it is virtually like walking on clouds.
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