CRM Software Monday Review (2024)

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CRM Software Monday Review
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    • Easily Customizable Dashboards
    • 14 Days Free Trial
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    • Automated Sales Processes
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👍 Our Most Popular
  • Easily Customizable Dashboards
  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • Mobile App
  • Automated Sales Processes
  • Reporting and Analytics
4.8 is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. This software provides a flexible and customizable platform that enables teams to collaborate and automate their workflows, allowing them to streamline their business processes and improve their overall productivity. offers a wide range of features, including lead and pipeline management, customer segmentation, task management, reporting and analytics, and more, making it a comprehensive CRM solution for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement and retention.

Is Monday sales CRM a Valuable Investment?

Whether or not Monday sales CRM is a valuable investment depends on the specific needs and goals of a business.

Monday Sales CRM

If a business relies heavily on managing customer relationships and sales processes, then investing in a CRM tool like Monday Sales CRM could be highly beneficial. It can help businesses to streamline their sales processes, automate certain tasks, and track the progress of their deals, all of which can result in increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Monday sales CRM offers a variety of features and functionality that can help businesses achieve their sales goals, including lead and pipeline management, email integration, activity tracking, and reporting. It also provides a customizable interface, making it easy for businesses to tailor the tool to their specific needs.

Monday sales CRM at a Glance

Best for: Small to medium businesses that need a no-code solution for fully-customizable CRM 

Key use: Pre to post Sales Management, Client Communication and cross-department collaboration 

Price: Starts at $10 per seat per month

Free trial: 14 days 

Monday Sales CRM Pros

  • 14-day free trial
  • Easily customizable dashboards
  • Mobile app
  • Automated sales processes
  • Activity tracking
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Reporting and analytics

Monday Sales CRM Cons

  • Limited free trial
  • Not set price for enterprise
  • Limited integrations
  • Learning curve

Understanding the Functionality of Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to help businesses manage their sales process effectively. Its main functionality includes lead management, sales forecasting, sales reporting, and customer segmentation.

Monday Sales

The tool enables businesses to keep track of their customer interactions, set reminders for follow-ups, and manage their sales pipeline in an organized and streamlined manner. With Monday Sales CRM, businesses can automate their sales processes, track the progress of their deals, and identify areas for improvement.

Moreover, the CRM offers features such as activity tracking, email integration, and reporting that provide valuable insights into the performance of the sales team. It also allows businesses to collaborate with team members and share information in real-time, which improves team efficiency and helps close deals faster.

Sales Team Productivity Tools

Monday sales CRM offers an easily accessible sales pipeline software that stands out in the industry. The interface is deceptively simple, providing ample space to store lead information, customer details, and task management in a neat layout. With Monday Sales CRM, you can manage your entire sales cycle seamlessly from capturing and prioritizing leads to communicating with contacts within the platform, tracking sales progress, and handling project tasks. All of these features are available on a single platform, making sales management a breeze.

Sales teams can benefit from the following features:

  • Creating an efficient sales process
  • Ranking leads by importance
  • Utilizing web forms to collect user data and feed it directly into their workflow
  • Monitoring sales pipelines
  • Consolidating customer information in one central board.

The sales CRM offered by Monday is known for its user-friendly sales pipelines. The interface appears straightforward at first glance, but it provides ample room for lead particulars, customer information, and task management in an organized manner. With Monday’s sales CRM, you can handle the entire sales cycle from lead generation to customer communication, sales tracking, and task management, all on a single platform.

Integration of Monday sales CRM with Gmail/Outlook:

Integration of Monday sales CRM

By utilizing the Monday sales CRM platform, you can gather all of your client communication in one location, making it simpler to monitor your previous correspondence and discussion points. The platform facilitates both incoming and outgoing email communication and provides read receipt notifications. Additionally, you have the option to save frequently used email formats as templates, automatically incorporate dynamic information from your board columns into emails, and generate a customized email signature.

CRM Activity Logging for Sales on Monday:

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your interactions with clients, such as emails, phone calls, meetings, demonstrations, and more, it is possible to consolidate and record them in a centralized location.

CRM Activity Tracking for Sales on Monday:

Monday CRM Sales Pipeline

This platform allows you to monitor and have a comprehensive understanding of your team’s sales efforts and achievements, simplifying the process of adapting strategies promptly when required.

Sales CRM quotes and invoices on Monday:

One of the features offered by Monday sales CRM is the ability to send out personalized invoices and quotes. This process is streamlined by autofilling the relevant client information from your boards.

Monday Sales CRM integrated with Google Calendar:

When you synchronize your Google calendar with the Monday Sales CRM system, you can efficiently record and organize meetings, events, and various other interactions directly from the platform.

Customization and Integration

Monday sales CRM offers integrations with various popular apps and tools including Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Twilio, Aircall, Slack, and many others. The Standard plan, priced at $14 per user per month, allows up to 250 actions per month for integrations. Users can also create their own custom integrations without any coding but may require expert assistance for an additional fee. The Pro plan, priced at $24 per user per month, offers 25,000 monthly actions for automations. These automations enable users to automate manual repetitive processes. Additionally, Monday sales CRM has pre-built templates that users can leverage to get started, but they can also customize their boards by changing the layout or color, adding or removing rows, columns, and tasks, and organizing them according to their preferences.

The CRM software offered by Monday Sales can seamlessly connect with various widely-used applications and tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Twilio, Aircall, Slack, and numerous others. In order to access these integrations, one would need to subscribe to the Standard plan at a cost of $10 per user per month, which allows up to 250 integration actions per month. Additionally, it is possible to create custom integrations, although this would require expert assistance from monday Sales CRM, which would come at an additional cost.

The Pro plan, which costs $16 per user per month, includes 25,000 monthly actions for automations. These automations enable users to automate manual repetitive tasks, monday sales CRM offers numerous pre-built templates, but users can also create their own templates without any need for coding.

Monday sales CRM platform simplifies the process of customizing boards, allowing users to easily modify the layout or color scheme, add or delete rows, columns, and tasks, and personalize the organization of boards according to their preferences.

Monday Sales CRM: Understanding Reporting and Dashboard Features

Monday sales CRM provides users with various visual options, including Kanban, timeline, calendar, map, and chart views, as well as reports and dashboards that can be sorted by user. The number of dashboards available depends on the plan purchased, with some plans offering an unlimited number. This provides users with a high degree of flexibility in terms of layout, visualizations, and filters.
However, it may not be clear what reporting capabilities the software has, as the focus of Monday sales CRM is primarily on team collaboration. Reports seem to be based on what users create for themselves rather than being automatically generated by the software.
Customizing pre-built dashboards is simple and does not require developer or IT assistance. Users can personalize the information displayed to suit their needs, making it easy to track and report on important metrics such as sales pipeline status, forecasting, team performance, workload, and more. The live tracking and reporting features allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of key data, providing valuable insights to inform decision-making.

Monday Sales CRM Dashboard

Monday Sales CRM Fostering Collaboration Across Departments

One of the key advantages of using Monday sales CRM is its ability to facilitate collaboration between sales teams and other departments within an organization. With this platform, sales managers can easily showcase their sales reps’ performance to upper management, while also streamlining traditionally slow processes involving legal, security, and IT. By bringing all departments together, Monday sales CRM promotes transparency and accountability, allowing teams to work more closely and efficiently towards shared goals.

Implementation and User-Friendliness

Monday sales CRM is a highly user-friendly and intuitive CRM platform, making it faster and easier to get started with than other CRMs. The platform’s setup is straightforward and allows for easy data and information importing through its many integrations, eliminating the need for developer or IT assistance. Ready-made CRM and sales templates enable users to hit the ground running, and there is a wealth of resources available, such as webinars, video tutorials, on-demand walkthroughs, and guides. Additionally, the platform offers webinars in seven languages, and users can even request expert support to maximize the benefits of Monday sales CRM.

Mobile Application

Monday sales CRM platform provides both an iOS and Android app that allows users to manage leads, track progress, and communicate with customers while on the go. The mobile app is fully functional and continuously updated with new features and capabilities to enhance the user experience.

Customer Support

monday sales crm customer support

Monday sales CRM offers comprehensive customer service and support, with various resources available to help users with any issues or questions they may have. The customer service is organized into clear sections, so users always know where to go for specific issues or needs.
The platform offers a wealth of resources to assist users, including webinars, tutorials, guides, and an extensive FAQ section. All of these resources are easily searchable, making it simple to find the information you need quickly. The resources cover a wide range of topics, from basic usage to advanced features, and are suitable for users of all experience levels.
In addition to the self-service resources, users can also receive individual customer support. The support team can be contacted by phone, email, or through the online web form. They are available to help users with any questions or issues that arise, providing personalized assistance to ensure users get the most out of the platform.
Overall, Monday sales CRM is an ideal solution for business owners, sales managers, and sales teams looking for a CRM platform that offers much more than just lead tracking. The platform’s customizability makes it easy to tailor to your needs, while the automation saves time and streamlines sales and post-sales operations. With comprehensive customer service and support available, users can feel confident that they will receive the assistance they need to make the most of the platform.

Monday Sales CRM Pricing and Plans

Monday sales CRM offers a variety of pricing tiers to meet the needs of different users. The pricing starts from $30 per month, billed annually. The CRM platform also provides a free version that offers only up to two seats. For non-profit organizations, Monday sales CRM offers discounts, but the exact size of the discount is not specified.
All of Monday sales CRM’s plans include unlimited viewers and boards, as well as over 20 column types and embedded forms. The cost of each plan varies based on the number of users and the plan you choose.
At the lowest paid tier, advanced collaboration tools are included. The Standard and Pro plans add additional features such as calendar, timeline, map views, customized forms, and advanced search. The Pro plan also offers time tracking, custom tags, and the option to create private boards. The number of integrations, automations, dashboards, storage, security, and customer support increases with the plans.
If you want to try any of the Monday sales CRM plans, you can do so for free for 14 days without the need to enter any credit card information.

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Testimonials from Customers

Monday sales CRM has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate its ability to facilitate collaboration and communication among sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Its streamlined approach to managing sales and marketing pipelines, coupled with its comprehensive platform that consolidates all customer data, have been commended by users. The advanced sales and marketing automation tools and customer service support also contribute to its overall effectiveness. Additionally, the pricing for the platform is competitive within the industry, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Overall, Monday sales CRM is a highly customizable and effective platform that can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their workflows.

👍 Our Most Popular
    • Easily Customizable Dashboards
    • 14 Days Free Trial
    • Mobile App
    • Automated Sales Processes
    • Reporting and Analytics
👍 Our Most Popular
  • Easily Customizable Dashboards
  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • Mobile App
  • Automated Sales Processes
  • Reporting and Analytics

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