Sittercity Review: Is It a Safe and Affordable Way to Find Child Care?

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Searching for the perfect care provider or the ideal family to work with can be a challenging task. But fear not, because Sittercity is here to make the process seamless and stress-free. As the premier online platform for care providers and families, Sittercity connects talented caregivers with families in need of their services.

Sittercity Review

Whether you’re a caregiver looking for rewarding opportunities or a family seeking reliable and trustworthy care, Sittercity has you covered. So, let’s embark on a journey through the wonderful world of Sittercity and discover the endless possibilities that await!

What is Sittercity?

What is Sittercity?

Sittercity is not just an ordinary job board -sittercity is an online platform that connects individuals with reliable and experienced care specialists. While many people primarily associate Sittercity with babysitting services, its offerings extend far beyond that. From pet sitters to senior care specialists and caregivers trained to support individuals with special needs, Sittercity caters to diverse care requirements.

Families seeking childcare solutions can find a wide range of options on Sittercity. Whether you’re in need of a full-time nanny for your little ones or a part-time babysitter to assist before or after school, Sittercity has you covered. Their user-friendly platform allows you to explore sitter profile and connect with caregivers who align with your specific needs. You have the flexibility to hire babysitters on-demand for occasional gigs or even opt for a full-time, live-in caregiver.

Sittercity has come a long way since its inception in 2001 by Genevieve Thiers, a college student looking to make extra money as a babysitter. Starting with a focus on childcare in the Boston area, the company expanded its reach and relocated its headquarters to Chicago in 2002. By 2004, Sittercity was serving families across the entire United States. Today, under the leadership of CEO Elizabeth Harz, Sittercity boasts millions of trusted sitters and caregivers.

Sittercity has also introduced several exciting programs, including a corporate initiative where companies can offer Sittercity memberships as a valuable employee benefit. This demonstrates the widespread recognition of Sittercity reliability and the importance of supporting working parents with reliable care solutions.

At Sittercity, their commitment to connecting families with quality care specialists remains unwavering. Whether you’re searching for a great sitter, a caring pet sitter, a compassionate senior care specialist, or a caregiver experienced in supporting individuals with special needs, Sittercity provides a platform where you can find the perfect match.

Join the millions of satisfied users who have experienced the convenience and peace of mind that Sittercity brings. Explore their extensive network of caregivers and unlock a world of care possibilities for you and your loved ones.

Services on Sittercity

Services on Sittercity

Pet Care Services on Sittercity:

We all know that our furry friends are part of the family, and leaving them in capable hands is of utmost importance. Sittercity understands this, which is why they offer a plethora of pet care services. Whether you need a dog walkers, cat sitter, groomer, trainer, or personalized pet care, Sittercity has you covered. You can browse through profiles of experienced and passionate pet caregivers who will ensure your four-legged companion receives the love and attention they deserve.

Child Care Services on Sittercity:

Finding reliable child care is a top priority for every parent. Sittercity makes this process seamless by connecting you with experienced child caregivers. From date nights to after-school care, full-time nanny services to special needs care, Sittercity has a wide array of child care options available. You can search for caregivers based on their skills, rates, and availability, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your family. Rest assured, with Sittercity, your little ones will be in safe hands.

Senior Care Services on Sittercity:

Caring for our aging loved ones requires compassion and expertise. Sittercity recognizes the unique needs of seniors and offers a range of senior care services. Whether you need a senior companion, rehabilitation care, certified nursing assistants, respite care, or medication assistance, Sittercity has trained and compassionate caregivers ready to provide the support your loved ones deserve. With Sittercity, you can find caregivers who specialize in senior care and create a comfortable and nurturing environment for your aging family members.

Special Needs Care Services on Sittercity:

Parent reviews play a crucial role in special needs care, as they provide reassurance and confidence to families who require caregivers with specific skills and experience. By reading reviews from parents who have utilized special needs care services, you can ensure that your loved one will receive the compassionate and expert care they deserve.

Sittercity Job posting

Babysitting Jobs

If you have a natural affinity for children and enjoy spending time with them, babysitting may be the perfect job for you. Sittercity offers a multitude of babysitting jobs that cater to various age groups and schedules. Whether it’s occasional date-night babysitting or regular after-school care, you can find flexible opportunities that fit your availability. Join Sittercity today and discover a world of babysitting jobs waiting for you.

Nannying Jobs

Are you looking for a more long-term commitment in caring for children? Nannying could be the ideal job for you. Sittercity provides a platform for connecting nannies with families seeking full-time or part-time child care. As a nanny, you’ll have the opportunity to develop strong bonds with the children you care for, provide educational and developmental support, and become an integral part of their lives. Explore the diverse range of nannying jobs on Sittercity and find your perfect match.

Sittercity Job posting3

Child Care Jobs

Child care encompasses a wide range of positions, from daycares to preschools, and Sittercity is the gateway to finding the best child care jobs in your area. If you have a passion for working with children in group settings, this is the category for you. Sittercity connects child care providers with families and facilities that offer various child care services. Whether you’re interested in working with infants, toddlers, or older children, Sittercity has a multitude of child care jobs waiting to be filled.

Special Needs Care Jobs

Making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with special needs requires compassion, patience, and specialized skills. If you have experience or a passion for providing care to individuals with disabilities, Sittercity offers a range of special need care jobs. These jobs require caregivers who understand the unique challenges and requirements of individuals with special needs. Join Sittercity and discover opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Senior Care Jobs

Senior Care Jobs

Seniors deserve the utmost care and support, and Sittercity connects experienced caregivers with families seeking senior care services. Whether it’s companionship, assistance with daily tasks, or specialized care for medical conditions, Sittercity offers a wide range of senior care jobs. As a caregiver in the field of senior care, you have the opportunity to bring comfort and joy to the lives of older adults. Explore the senior care jobs on Sittercity and embark on a rewarding career path.

Pet Sitting Jobs

Calling all animal lovers! If you have a deep affection for furry friends and enjoy spending time with them, pet sitting may be the perfect job for you. Sittercity offers a platform for connecting pet- sitters directly with families in need of pet care services. From dog walking to in-home pet sitting, Sittercity has a variety of pet sitting jobs available. So, whether you’re a dog lover, cat enthusiast, or have a soft spot for all creatures great and small, join Sittercity and start your journey in pet sitting.


How Sittercity works?

Sittercity makes it easy for both caregivers and families to find the perfect match. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Sittercity works:

1. Create an Account

The first step is to create an account on Sittercity. Care providers and families can sign up for free and begin exploring the platform. Simply visit the Sittercity website or download the mobile sittercity app to get started.

2. Build a Profile

Once you have an account, it’s time to build your profile. Care providers can showcase their skills, experience, qualifications, and availability. Families can provide details about their care needs, including the type of care required, schedule, and any specific requirements.

3. Search and Apply

As a care provider, you can browse through the available job listings on the site Sittercity. Use the site with search filters to narrow down your options based on location, job type, or specific preferences. When you find a job that matches your criteria, you can submit an application directly through the platform.

4. Review Profiles

Families have the opportunity to view detailed sitter profiles of interested care providers. They can read about their experience, qualifications, and any positive reviews or ratings from previous families they have worked with. This allows families to make an informed decision when selecting a caregiver.

5. Communication and Interviews

Once a family finds a potential caregiver, they can initiate communication through Sittercity secure messaging system. This allows both parties to discuss the job details, expectations, and any additional questions. Families may choose to conduct in person interview, either in person or through video calls, to further assess the suitability of the caregiver post a job.

6. Background Check

At Sittercity, safety is a top priority. Families have the option to request background checks for care providers. This extra step provides additional peace of mind by verifying the caregiver’s background and ensuring a safe environment for their loved ones. Background checks may include criminal records, motor vehicle records, and identity verification.

7. Hiring and Payment

Once both parties are satisfied and ready to move forward, families can hire the chosen caregiver. The specifics of payment, including rates and schedules, can be discussed and agreed upon directly between the family and the care provider. Sittercity does not handle the payment process but provides a secure platform for communication and hiring.

8. Caregiving Begins

With all the details settled, the caregiving journey begins. Care providers can start providing their services, whether it’s babysitting, pet care, senior care, or any other type of care. Families can rest assured knowing that they have found a qualified caregiver through Sittercity.

Sittercity acts as a bridge, connecting care providers and families in a seamless and secure manner. It simplifies the process of finding care and creates opportunities for meaningful connections.

Sittercity Pricing Structure

Sittercity Pricing Structure: Monthly and Yearly Options

Sittercity offers flexible pricing options to accommodate your preferences. Here’s an overview of the membership pricing structure:

One-month premium membership:

For those seeking short-term access to premium features, you can opt for a one-month membership at a cost of $39 per month.

Three-month premium membership:

If you anticipate using Sittercity for a slightly longer duration, the three-month premium membership is $29 per month.

One-year premium membership:

For long-term usage and maximum savings, consider the one-year premium membership is $15 per month.

Basic Membership Features:

Sittercity basic membership is available for free and provides a glimpse into a few hours the platform’s offerings. With a basic membership, you can:

Create a profile: Showcase your skills, experience, and availability as a caregiver or provide details about your care needs as a family seeking assistance.

Post jobs: Families can post job listing their care needs or other services, including babysitting, pet sitting, senior care, or other specialized care services.

Partial view of sitter profiles: Gain access to limited information about potential caregivers cat sitters who respond to your job postings.

Partial access to sitter search: Utilize basic search filters to the sitter directly find caregivers based on location, availability, and other basic criteria.

Limited messaging: Exchange initial messages with potential caregivers or families to express interest in person, phone interview or request additional information.

Premium Membership Benefits:

Sittercity premium membership provides a range of benefits that enhance your experience on the platform. With a premium membership, you gain access to:

Full sitter profiles: Explore each sitter’s profile here for comprehensive information about caregivers, including their experience, qualifications, reviews, and ratings from other sitter reviews and families.

Direct messaging: Communicate directly with caregivers or families through Sittercity’s secure messaging system, facilitating smoother and more efficient communication.

Advanced sitter search: Utilize advanced search filters to mine search results and find caregivers who meet your specific criteria, such as skills, certifications, availability, and more.

Background checks: Opt for additional security reasons and peace of mind by requesting background checks on potential caregivers, ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

Unlimited job postings: Families can post an unlimited number of to post a job on listings online meeting platform, increasing their chances of finding the perfect caregiver.

Premium support: Receive dedicated support from Sittercity customer success team, ensuring that your questions or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.


Q: Is Sittercity legit?

A: Yes, Sittercity is a legitimate online platform that connects care providers with families seeking their services. With a long-standing presence in the industry, Sittercity has established itself as a trusted resource for finding reliable caregivers.

Q: Is Sittercity free?

A: Sittercity offers both a free membership, and premium membership options. While basic access is available for free, Sittercity also offers premium membership tiers that unlock additional features and benefits.

Q: Is Sittercity safe for sitters?

A: Sittercity prioritizes the safety and security of both caregivers and families. Through their thorough screening process, including basic background check checks and identity verification, Sittercity strives to provide a safe environment for all users.

Q: Does Sittercity do background checks?

A: Yes, Sittercity conducts comprehensive background checks on care providers as part of their screening process. This helps ensure the safety and peace of mind of families using the platform.

Q: How much does Sittercity charge sitters?

A: Sittercity offers different membership options for potential sitters, including free and a premium member, tiers interested sitters. The specific pricing details for premium memberships can be found on the Sittercity website.


In conclusion, Sittercity is the ultimate babysitting online platform for finding reliable care providers, offering a wide range of services to cater to diverse needs. Whether you require pet care, child care, senior care, or special need care, Sittercity connects you with dedicated and certified professionals.

With a premium membership option, you can unlock advanced features, access detailed sitter profiles, and benefit from additional perks. Sittercity prioritizes safety by conducting thorough background checks on caregivers, ensuring peace of mind for families. The platform’s user-friendly job posting system enables easy navigation and allows you to find suitable caregivers with specific qualifications and experience.

From personalized pet care to after-school child care and companionship for seniors, Sittercity provides an extensive network of local caregivers ready to assist. By leveraging Sittercity services, you can confidently select qualified caregivers, backed by positive parent reviews and enhanced security measures. Choose Sittercity for your care needs and experience the convenience and reliability of this exceptional online platform.