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Artificial grass is a great way to have a fresh green lawn all year-round, whether it is on a small or very large area. This also makes for a convenient option for pets or children so they can enjoy a green play area every day. With many soft, thick, grass-looking options, there is something for everyone’s needs out there.

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Our team of experts has researched the artificial grass options currently available on the market and has picked the top choices so you can shop with confidence and know that you are getting the best product to meet your needs and preferences. You will be able to review very useful information about the top models, key features, pros/cons, and you will surely find what will work best for you!

Are you looking for top quality outdoor grass that is pet friendly, features finished, carpet bound edges all around to prevent fraying and look authentic, and that has the look and feel of natural grass? You’re going to find a lot to love about the iCustomRug thick synthetic artificial grass. This grass is ideal for use with outdoor decks and patios, pet centers, sports areas, to replace your existing grass, and to create artificial turf for indoor events, parties, and wedding tents.

iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass

Made of 100 percent polypropylene, iCustomRug is easy to install and can be staked to the ground. It is weather and fade resistant thanks to UV stabilization, durable, and lightweight. Even better, it is easy to clean so you can enjoy the use of your low pile rug that closely resembles grass. It is pet friendly too!

The best part for many users is that this realistic turf is available in 48 different sizes. That means you can try it out in a smaller size, to see how effective and realistic this artificial grass happens to be before buying in larger sizes.

Enjoy the look and feel of grass without the real work involved to maintain it with iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass.


Features: iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass

  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 144 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.65 pounds
  • Material: 100% polypropylene
  • Manufacturer: iCustomRug
  • Item model number: IVY
Pros: iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass
  • Customizable Sizes Available
  • Great for many uses, such as parties, tents, decks, parks, camping
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and easy to clean
  • Edged bound for finished rug look
  • Weather and fade resistant
  • Durable
Cons: iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass
  • Some people referred to the grass being a bit thin, but it worked as expected for most customers

There’s something about a perfectly manicured lawn that is simply irresistible to many people. However, the work involved in achieving that look is wholly unattractive to most. Thanks to Imozel premium outdoor artificial lawn and turf grass, you can now enjoy the look of premium, perfectly manicured grass, without the endless hours of work involved in making it happen.


Imozel looks and feels authentic, is pet and child friendly, and doesn’t expose your family and pets to potential harmful pesticides and other chemicals required to achieve a true “green” look for your grass. The artificial turf grass also features a durable PU backing so that it can manage many tests of time along the way.

This artificial grass is durable and can stand up to roughhousing from children and pets as well as harsh weather and UV exposure without losing its authentic beauty and natural appeal. Each piece of Imozel turf grass features drainage holes so that water flows freely through and can be trimmed to accommodate your landscaping needs.

Enjoy a greener lawn year-round without time-consuming maintenance, mowing, fertilizing, and pest control natural grass requires when you invest in Imozel premium outdoor artificial lawn and turf grass.

Imozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf Grass

Features:  Imozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf Grass

  • Two Size Variations: 5’x10’ or 7.5’x10’
  • Pile Height: 1.75” 
  • DTex: 13,500 
  • Gauge: ⅜” 
  • UNails: 8 
  • Product Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 1.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 47 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 47 pounds
  • Item model number: Prestige 7.5.10
Pros: Imozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf Grass
  • Looks and feels Like Real Grass
  • Child and pet Friendly
  • Made of PU for enhanced durability
  • 4 integrated color tones
  • Extra thick
  • Stands high
Cons: Imozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf Grass
  • This is a fantastic product overall, with the only consideration being that it could be a bit slippery went wet but this is expected.

Many people worry that artificial turf or grass will lose some of the authenticity of real grass and may even be more harmful for the planet. Enter Forest Grass which is an eco-friendly and non-toxic synthetic grass that is lush, durable, and pet and kid friendly. Even better, it requires no mowing, leaves no mud behind, and doesn’t requiring watering, fertilizers, greening chemicals, or pesticides. How’s that for planet-friendly?


That’s not the end of the benefits people enjoy when choosing Forest Grass for their lawns, gardens, patios, balconies, and even indoor “green” spaces. This synthetic lawn is UV stabilized so that exposure to UV radiation from the sunlight doesn’t cause fading or other damage to the fibers.

While you don’t need to water this grass, it is set up to drain quickly so that you can hose it down for easy cleaning if it begins to look a little dirty.  Forest Grass is durable, lasting up to 15 years and you’ll never need to worry about weeds growing in this grass. In fact, your lawn is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

When you’re ready to eliminate the constant demands of a well-manicured lawn, you’re ready to embrace Forest Grass and all the benefits it has to offer.


Features: Forest Grass

  • Product Dimensions: 4ft x 13 ft = 52 square ft (various other sizes available)
  • Blade height: 1 3/8”
  • Material: high quality UV resistant polyethylene
  • Item Weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: FOREST GRASS
  • Warranty: 14 years
Pros: Forest Grass
  • Artificial grass that feels real
  • Chile Safe
  • Quick Drainage
  • UV Stabilized
  • Pet Friendly
  • Quick drainage
Cons: Forest Grass
  • There are various sizes available and people have been disappointed to receive small ones, so check carefully before making a purchase to ensure that you get the size that you need/want.

Whether your goal is a lawn and garden that appears perfectly manicured year-round or you’re simply interested in reducing the amount of time you spend performing lawn maintenance, LITA realistic deluxe artificial grass might be your ideal solution. This high-quality, lush, grass features a four-tone pattern that looks like natural grass while giving you year-round green grass that never requires mowing, weeding, fertilizing, greening, or watering. It is non-toxic and safe for your children and pets while sporting an affordable price and 10-year warranty.

LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

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Some of the best features about LITA realistic deluxe artificial grass are the features that allow it to maintain its beauty for extended periods, such as UV stability and color-fastness, the softness of the polyethylene and polypropylene yarns that lend this turf its lushness, and the simple installation. 

Add color, atmosphere, and no small amount of beauty to your lawn, garden, patio, or balcony with LITA realistic deluxe artificial grass. Save money on landscaping, mowing, chemical additives, and more with a one-time investment that will keep your lawn looking beautiful for years to come. LITA allows you to enjoy a beautiful lawn, year-round, even in areas where grass is ordinarily difficult to grow. Try it today and see the difference.


Features: LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

  • Product dimensions: 7 ft x 13 ft (many other sizes available)
  • Brand Name: LITA
  • Material: PE+PP
  • Backing: PP+ Net+ SBR Latex
  • Blade Height: 1 3/8″
  • Density: 70 oz/square yard
  • Blade Color: 4 Tone
  • Fire Resistance: Yes
  • Application Landscaping, garden, leisure area etc.
  • Warranty: 10 years
Pros: LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass
  • High-quality, specially selected raw materials
  • UV stability and color-fastness so that the turf did not discolor
  • Safety: no heavy metals used
  • Soft fibers
  • Good drainage performance, low friction, and-UV properties
  • High wear resistance
Cons: LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass
  • Some reviewers were not happy with the size received, so make sure to select the appropriate one for you since there are many sizes available.

PZG, short for Pet Zen Garden offers synthetic grass that is ideal for pets. The lush, realistic-looking grass feels great for your bare feet while being safe for use with children and pets. It’s even better for your wallet. Especially after you consider all the money you’ll save on things like fertilizers, pesticides, lawn mowing expenses, etc. Enjoy realistic grass that doesn’t look fake thanks to the four-tone color used in PGZ grass patch.


When the time comes to clean the grass, you only need to hose it off with water and allow dirt, debris, and anything your pets leave behind to wash right off. This durable grass patch is built to last through pets, children, weather, sunshine, and more with no fading, molting, or discoloration.

The grass patch itself is rubber backed and features drainage holes that allow water to drain right through. The patch itself is heavy so pets can’t easily drag it around or displace it while remaining soft enough for pets and children to comfortably play on.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to natural grass, you really need look no further than PZG 1-inch artificial grass patch. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so try it today!


Features: PZG 1-inch Artificial Grass Patch

  • Product dimensions: 12ft x 6ft (many other options available too)
  • Blade height: 1”
  • Blade color: 4-tone
  • Face weight: 20 oz/sq yard
  • Overall weight: 56 oz/sq yard
  • Indoor/outdoor: both
Pros: PZG 1-inch Artificial Grass Patch
  • Great value lush synthetic grass
  • Beautiful realistic look
  • Designed to last
  • Very low maintenance
  • Saves water
  • Kid and pet friendly
Cons: PZG 1-inch Artificial Grass Patch
  • Some people found this to be thinner than expected so check that the product description shows it at 1” height

For those of you who like to do your own research, our experts have written a comprehensive Artificial Grass Buying Guide. This can help you review a lot of useful information, and select the best Artificial Grass to meet your needs.

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11 thoughts on “Make Your Lawn Look Greener with Great Artificial Grass Products”

  1. We bought PZG 1-inch Artificial Grass Patch for my mom’s senior dog to use in the backyard as she does not have any grass. We have only been using for a few days and the dog seems to like it. The grass is very soft which we like, it makes it easy to walk on. We are glad we went with the 1” pile because it makes it easy to pick up her poop. Lots of drainage on the back so the water and pee go right through. We love it so far, seems well made.

  2. The roll of Forest artificial grass was probably better than expected. Blades look amazingly real.
    I bought the larger 6-1/2 feet by 10 feet for my 6×8 area so I didn’t have to match up seams & different pieces that may be different colors.
    The backing is rubber which is good, but also thin enough to cut with a sharp box cutter. I have an arch shaped edge and was extremely simple to cut perfectly.
    The grass blades came all flattened when rolled, but with a gentle raking, they stand up now and looks pretty real from 5 feet away.
    Under I had just dirt and small round rock. If you want a softer grass feel get sand.
    I also bought grass staples/stakes. My dog would probably rip up the edges otherwise.
    Water drains right thru the backing with no problem.

  3. LITA realistic deluxe artificial grass rolls showed up fast. Were slightly bigger than spec. Not complaining, just have a lot left over. Drainage is good, backing is very tough. Used LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass to replace real grass. I used 60D nails to hold it down. It did get a little warm in direct sun. Infill helps, I used silica sand. A quick glance and it looks like grass. Look any longer than that and you know it’s turf. Still looks nice. Picture immediately after finishing.

  4. never thought I could use artificial grass. I used it to cover an area that got muddy with all the rain we had in California. I previously used mulch but LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass was a much better solution… I ended up cutting a part of it (VERY easy to cut), and put it as an entry rug. it looks fantastic. I’ve had it for over a month now and looks great. I secured it with the staple/stakes.

  5. I bought two of the 8×12 iCustomRug to test before spending big bucks on professional landscaping with synthetic turf. I have grown many big nice lawns and at 63 no longer want to mow & fertilize. Today I unrolled them and anchored them with big nails over pea gravel under the shade of a big tree. The weight is good enough to lay well without anchors even with a dog romping around. My dog was delighted and gives them 5 stars, of course she’s only 2 and never had the real thing. The 1.25 inch length blades are soft enough to sit on or for dogs and kids to roll around on. This is NOT high-traffic active-play quality to last 15 years, that stuff is much more expensive, but this seems very decent quality and drains fine. The color is NOT the deep green of healthy lawns either, more new spring green with yellow undertones. Synthetic grass can heat up in sunny climates so folks with kids should consider the heat factor in choosing this for a play area. I will update the review on how it holds up in the sun and snow of Arizona’s White Mountains

  6. I bought Forest artificial grass for the floor of my greenhouse… I had mulch down but it was hard on bare feet. I laid this over the mulch and it has been great. Love that it feels and looks like real grass and also that I can water my plants without this item mildewing or ruining from the water like indoor /outdoor artificial grass does.

  7. PZG 1-inch Artificial Grass Patch works really well. My puppy likes to potty on textures, and our backyard is all cement. She likes going on this patch and it is a great size. Now she only potties in the corner of the yard and I don’t have to take her around the neighborhood everytime she needs to go out.

  8. This iCustomRug artificial grass looks much better that the more expensive ‘solid’ green brands. The mixture of green and brown looks much more realistic (pic 1). My wife and I (both over 65) could easily move the 12′ x 18′ pieces into position and it was easy to cut around the two trees. (pics 2 & 3). Used special splicing tape to hold sections together and to bind the slit we made in the piece to wrap around the trees. Used 6″ staples to hold it in place on the slope. Overall a great product and it made a world of difference to the dead ground we have had under our trees for 25 years.

  9. The iCustomRug is much better quality than we thought for the money, it is well made With finished edging. The rubber backing is perforated to allow the rain to drain away and our dog loves it! Lies on it to survey the Garden!

  10. Imozel Premium is phenomenol!!
    Not only does it have variation in the grass color to look exactly like real grass. It is soft and vibrant. And the length is not short and stubby but FUll and long. Exceptional product. Customer service was so nice and great in helping. I will update it when we install it around our pool!

  11. We put this on a condo deck. Imozel Premium is very realistic, and when you stand back in side the adjoining room, the color blends with the REAL grass that is adjacent to it.


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