The Most Amazing Telescopes To Access The Universe

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Who doesn’t enjoy starring at the stars and gazing into the universe? With so many inexpensive telescopes currently on the market, this has become easier than ever. There are small and big options, some that are very easy to carry around, or have great magnifying power, so there is something to suit your needs for sure! If you’re new to telescopes and unsure whether to choose a reflector or a refractor, our comprehensive Telescope Reflector vs. Refractor guide is here to assist you. It provides insights into the differences between these two types of telescopes, helping you make an informed decision based on your observing needs.

Telescopes – Top 5 in 2024

Our team of experts has researched the telescopes currently available on the market and has picked the top choices so you can shop with confidence and know that you are getting the best product to meet your needs and preferences. You will be able to review very useful information about the top models, key features, pros/cons, and you will surely find what will work best for you!

1. Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ – Expert’s Choice

Enjoy high quality optics and advanced technology with the Gskyer Telescope 130EQ Professional astronomical reflector telescope. The large 5.1 aperture reflector scope gathers abundant light to deliver impressive views of planets, the moon, galaxies, star clusters, nebulas, and more. The optics are outstanding quality allowing you to enjoy enhanced clarity with your viewing experience.

Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ

Not only is this telescope ideally suited for nighttime stargazing, it is also highly beneficial to use during daytime for exploring local wildlife, bird watching, scenery explorations, and more. It comes with three eyepieces, a finderscope, and an adjustable tripod so you can use it for all your stargazing and other viewing needs right away. The no-tool setup is another winners with users and parents purchasing this impressive telescope for children in hopes of sparking imagination and discovery.

Don’t forget the one-year warranty and limited lifetime maintenance for your Gskyer Telescope. If you’re interested in purchasing a quality telescope, this is an outstanding option for quality construction, materials, and results. Try the Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ today and see how it challenges your previous thoughts on telescopes. We believe you’ll find a lot to love about this beauty for your nighttime and daytime viewing pleasure.

Features: Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ

  • Aperture: 130mm (5.1 IN)
  • Focal Length: 650mm (26 IN)
  • Focal Ratio: 5
  • Eyepiece1: 25 mm (0.98 IN)
  • Magnification 1: 40X
  • Eyepiece2: 10 mm (0.39 IN)
  • Magnification 2: 100X
  • Eyepiece3: 5 mm (0.2 IN)
  • Magnification 3: 200X
  • Barlow lens: 3X
  • Finderscope: Red dot finder
  • Tube Connection: Anchor Ear
  • Tube Connection: Hook, Dovetail Plate
  • Mount: EQ Advanced Equatorial Mount
  • Optical Coating: Multi Antireflection Blue Film
  • Tripod: 1.25-inch Stainless Steel Tripod
  • Max Magnification: 307X
  • Minimum Magnification: 40X
  • Field of view: 1.5°
  • Main mirror length: 609.6mm (24IN)
Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ
Pros: Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ
  • High Power Eyepieces
  • Telescope Optical Tube
  • Tripod
  • No-Tool Setup
Cons: Gskyer Telescope, 130EQ
  • The setup instructions are not too easy to follow

Computerize your stargazing and more with the Celestron NexStar 127SLT telescope. Telescope features a massive database of stars, galaxies, etc. to help you locate and track preferred items with astonishing accuracy. While the telescope features an impressive 127mm aperture that allows you to explore Saturn’s rings, and a vividly detailed moon, it is the compact size and easy portability of this telescope that has fans around the globe.

Celestron NexStar 127SLT

The telescope is big on features including the fact that it comes with FREE Starry Night Software and features SKYALIGN for fast and easy setup. You can be ready to explore the night sky in a matter of minutes with this impressive telescope.

Whether your goal is to track local meteor showers, enjoy exploring the universe on a family camping weekend, or educate a local scout troop about objects in the night sky, this handy telescope offers you to bring the sky to life like few others are able to manage.

You don’t have to be an expert on the galaxy and the night sky to be able to enjoy and appreciate its beauty. The Celestron NexStar 127SLT gives you the power to find and identify galaxies and more to explore with ease. Try it let it change your view of the universe.

Celestron NexStar 127SLT

Features: Celestron NexStar 127SLT

  • Optical Design: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Aperture: 127mm (5″)
  • Focal Length: 1500mm {59″)
  • Focal Ratio: f/12
  • Magnification: 60x, 167x
  • Limiting Magnitude: 13
  • Low Useful Magnification: 18x
  • High Theoretical Magnification: 300x
  • Assembled Weight: 18 lbs (8.16 kg)
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 19 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 30 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B0038LX8XE
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning
  • Item model number: 22097
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries required. (included)
Celestron NexStar 127SLT
Pros: Celestron NexStar 127SLT
  • Star Locating Telescope
  • Compact and Portable
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain Optics
  • Fast Setup with SkyAlign
  • A Lifetime of Astronomy
Cons: Celestron NexStar 127SLT
  • It is slightly heavier than other products in the same category

Enjoy a brilliant and bold night sky viewing experience with the SkyWatcher S11610. This unique viewing experience is brought to you, largely, by the large aperture this telescope provides along with its proprietary tension control handles that allow for accurate movement – even when not properly balanced.

SkyWatcher S11610

The telescope, while sturdy, is also lightweight. Even fully assembled it weighs only 45 pounds and it comes with everything you need to use this telescope completely, such as a two-inch focuser with 1.25-inch adapter, two wide angle eyepieces, and 9 by 50 straight-through finder scope.

The Teflon bearings offers smooth movement and the 94 percent reflective mirrors deliver stunning views of your universe. High quality and affordability are two words that come immediately to mind when discussing the SkyWatcher S11610. There’s no rule that says you can’t have both, which is exactly what this telescope delivers.

Bring your night sky to life in brilliant color and vivid display with the SkyWatcher S11610. From its highly affordable price tag to the quality of the its features this telescope has so much to offer novice and experienced stargazers alike. Make your investment in this impressive telescope today and see for yourself how it compares to much more expensive models.

SkyWatcher S11610

Features: SkyWatcher S11610

  • Product Dimensions: 49 x 27 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight: 27.3 pounds
  • Mirror coatings: 94% aluminum
  • Product includes: Telecope with 2-inch Crayford-style focuser with 1 1/4-inch adapter, two super wide-angle eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), and 9×50 straight-through finder scope
  • Item model number: S11610
SkyWatcher S11610
Pros: SkyWatcher S11610
  • Stable mount
  • Two eyepieces
  • Detailed high-quality images 
  • Wide field of view
Cons: SkyWatcher S11610
  • It does not include a carrying case

An ideal telescope for people just beginning to learn about their love of exploring the universe, the 5.1 inch aperture reflector telescope has a lot to offer. The Orion 09007 gathers plenty of light to provide stunning images of brighter galaxies, and star clusters while providing outstanding views of planets and the moon.

Orion 09007

The short 24-inch optical tube makes this telescope well-suited for frequent travel and easy portability. It might even be the perfect telescope to bring on family campouts, scouting adventures, and a weekend escape from the lights of the city.

The sturdy telescope mount and adjustable tripod making slow tracking of objects in the night sky possible and the light weight of the telescope, 27 pounds, means it is easy to transport from one location to another.

Versatile and sturdy, the Orion 09007 offers everything you need to begin exploring the night sky. Especially with the included Starry Night software and other accessories that come with your telescope.

An affordable choice for stargazers of all levels of interest and knowledge, the Orion 09007 telescope is a real steal for many. Try it for yourself today and experience the beauty of the night sky as you’ve never seen it before.


Features: Orion 09007

  • Optical design: Reflector
  • Optical diameter: 130mm
  • Focal length: 650mm
  • Focal ratio: f/5.0
  • Eyepieces: Plossl 25.0mm,10.0mm (1.25″)
  • Magnification with included eyepieces: 26x, 65x
  • Lowest useful magnification: 19x
  • Highest useful magnification: 260x
  • User level: Beginner
  • Best for viewing: Brighter deep sky
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 51 inches
  • Item Weight: 24.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 36.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Item model number: 9007
Pros: Orion 09007
  • Great Views
  • Versatile Telescope
  • Sturdy Mount
Cons: Orion 09007
  • This product comes with poor instructions, but people can eventually figure out how to use it and enjoy its views

Exceptional quality is what comes to mind when discussing the Celestron Omni XLT telescope. Each lens and mirror is hand selected so that you only receive the finest grade of optical glass available. For the price, it is difficult to beat this type of quality in material. But the quality touches for this impressive telescope do not end there. The StarBright XLT coating further allows for maximum light transmission allowing you to take in planets, the moon, and countless other night sky novelties.


What really sets the Celestron Omni XLT apart with many users is the CG-4 German Equatorial Mount and the fact that it allows you accurately locate and track items in the sky thanks to slow motion controls and setting circles.

While this telescope is somewhat bulky and not as compact as other models, it is easy to install and use, which counts for a great deal, especially with inexperienced telescope handlers and users. 

We believe that the price, for the quality you receive with this telescope is fair and that users will find a lot to love about it. Give the Celestron Omni XLT a try tonight and see how much it helps the night sky come alive for your viewing pleasure.


Features: Celestron Omni XLT

  • Item Dimensions: 53.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 inches
  • Item Weight: 43.00 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 53 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 43 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 57.5 pounds
  • Item model number: 21088
Pros: Celestron Omni XLT
  • Setting circles and slow-motion controls 
  • Anti-reflective coating 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to use
Cons: Celestron Omni XLT
  • This telescope is not too compact so a bit on the bulkier side

For those of you who like to do your own research, our experts have written a comprehensive Telescopes Buying Guide. This can help you review a lot of useful information, and select the best Telescopes to meet your needs. Additionally, if you’re interested in the unique features of Dobs telescopes, our Dobs Telescopes article offers a closer look.

13 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Telescopes To Access The Universe”

  1. I’m an amateur in every sense of the word but, SkyWatcher S11610 is amazing and so easy to use. The first time I used it, I saw the rings around Saturn and stripes on Jupiter. Also their moons. Our moon is amazing. You can see the craters edges in the sunlight. So amazing to me. I would suggest the moon filter during full phases too.

  2. So far Celestron Omni XLT scope has performed well. The weather has been my main complaint. It comes with a 25mm ocular which gives you 30X magnification. This is fine for viewing the moon but not the planets. I would recommend purchasing a second ocular or a good Barlow. Although Saturn was very small with the 25mm the resolution was great. It is a good scope for the money and comes with a very solid CG 4 equatorial mount. I have since purchased a 2x and a 3x Barlow with a 32mm Plossl. Now all i need is good weather.

  3. I bought Orion 09007 as my first telescope. I had no idea how to use it. I barely knew how it worked. Only that there were mirrors and a lens and a weaker telescope to find stars/spy on neighbors. But after spending an hour assembling something that should have taken 30 minutes for someone who is competent, I had my telescope.

    The image is incredibly clear. You can easily make out the red surface of Mars, the rings of Saturn, and craters on the moon. Balancing the telescope with the counter weight is a bit difficult but you get the hang of it.

    Oh and it is a HUGE chick magnet.

    Not really though.

    But in all seriousness, it was an amazing investment that I would highly recommend it to any beginner.

  4. highly recommend Gskyer Telescope. itis very professional amazing views of the moon and planet.easy to set up with clear instruction step by step .all the parts made good quality and reliable. the mount and the tripod are very sturdy.very impressed with the slow motion controls to find the stars in the sky . adjust to find out what you want with curiously .hopeful my boys will enjoy the views of the sky .takeaway some gaming time to discover and explore the new world

  5. Celestron Omni XLT is an amazing telescope I haven’t had one since I was a child and that was only a 75 doller toy telescope, so to say the least this thing was a massive leap for me and considering this is pretty much my first telescope I have to say the quality is absolutely fantastic. I seriously couldn’t pick a better design!

  6. Orion 09007 is a great telescope for price. It’s a little hard to get used to moving the telescope especially for an amateur but you will get used to the bobs and controls on the equatorial mount. I also had trouble seeing Mars as it appears as just a red dot but it’s not the telescopes fault it’s just that mars is the farthest away from Earth(240,000,000 miles) right now so hopefully if I catch it in the summer I will show the pic. Overall Orion 09007 is a must buy and my son likes going outside for hours now using this telescope.

  7. You grow up knowing the shape of Saturn, but then seeing it with your own eyes, ring and all!!! I giggled to myself because it was so exciting! Then I attached my phone and was able to get a decent picture to share with friends. I’ve even had kids over for a moon reviewing party. SkyWatcher S11610 telescope is awesome. Of all my astronomical device purchases, this is tops!

  8. NexStar 127SLT is a superb telescope, I already own a custom built 220mm reflector but I needed a scope that was quick to set up and have good quality optics, the Celestron has exceeded my expections. I’m more than happy with my purchase, the back up from the manufactures is excellent.

  9. Very happy with Orion 09007 Telescope. Initially, I thought there was a bolt missing. I contacted Orion live help online. They were very helpful. I realized the error on my part. I was trying to bolt the tube rings with the camera piggyback bolt and thought there should be two. Live help sent me pictures and I had the ah-ha moment.

  10. I bought Gskyer telescope for Christmas. But I set-up it just wanted to make sure all right. Absolutely amazing! This is suitable for kids and adults. I use it in our conservatory and it works perfect!

  11. I have been using this telescope for over a year. Gskyer Telescope works well and myself wife uses it with little instruction. ECLIPSE!! Bought a piece off 12″ solar filter because I am lucky enough to live in the direct pat with 2.5 minutes if totality. Myself wife took pics with her cellphone through the eyepiece and I was able to give myself 81 year old father a look directly at the eclipse because of a 12″ filter and some rubber bands. I did not hook up my Nikon because I wanted to show everyone! My only regret… Not buying another one! These are my cellphone and the camera is terrible!

  12. The Nextstar 127 SLT was delivered from Amazon’s Doncaster centre to Whitworth in superfast time. Packaging was substantial ( triple boxed ) and everything present that should be.
    Assembly of the main parts was dead simple to the point where I was using the hand control to drive the telescope to view distant ( terrestrial ) objects within minutes ( daytime ).
    Then came a snag . The finderscope ceased to operate ( no red dot ) on the first day ! During online chat to Amazon support it bacame apparent that all they could do was refund the money for the entire order on reciept of the goods when I really wanted a simple replacement part !
    Instead, I contacted Tring Astronomical Centre with the issue who could not have been more helpful and sent a new finderscope the next day, no questions asked. Happy boy !
    Tonight was the first clear night with a 3/4 moon low down. Set up outside and used the single object alignment ( Altair in this case ) which was pretty straight forward, although selected objects tended to the 10 oclock position. I expect a more careful setup using the three objects method would be an improvement.
    The first view of the Moon was magnificent ! Next up was Mars, showing up as a clear pink disc but again low down and unfortunately Saturn and Jupiter were obscured from view. Very happy so far !

  13. I am an astronomer and having a good telescope is very important to me. If you are on a low budget, Gskyer is an ideal telescope. It’s a high level telescope. great quality! Got this as a gift for myself, I am very happy to have it! When Uk weather permits, I will meet a few friends to see the stars. it works very well . The view of the stars and moon is fantastic. I am very happy with this purchase. It’s worth to get one. Perfect!


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