Shavers & Trimmers Buying Guide

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Written By Emma Roberts
Trimmers & Shavers: Guide

Buying an electric razer is a commitment. One men shouldn’t take lightly. These razers are not small investments. Then, various factors impact the final cost of the trimmer or shaver you choose. Unfortunately, the marketplace is filled with trimmers, shavers, razors, and more. 

This buying guide will help you sift through the lingo to find the grooming tool that best meets your needs. These are a few vital questions you must ask yourself to identify which trimmer, shavers, etc. offer the best matches for your needs.

Why Do You Shave?

It sounds innocent enough. Knowing why you shave, though, can help you identify the right type of equipment to meet your needs. For instance, is your goal a baby soft face that is free of stubble? Or, are you merely seeking to tame or trim facial hair in order to avoid going all Grizzly Adams on the world? 

Foil blades offer closer shaves for daily shavers and are best suited for men who have sensitive skin. However, these blades are somewhat ineffective for trimming long facial hair.

Rotary shavers are composed of spinning disks with floating heads. These shavers can adjust to grooves and contours in your skin, allowing them better access in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, they are better equipped for managing and cutting long hair as well as hair that grows in many different directions.

These challenges make the “why” question the first one you must ask as you explore your options for shavers and trimmers. Knowing the answer to this basic questions helps you move on to deeper questions that help you narrow your options even further.

How do You Feel about Strings?

Trimmers & Shavers

Some men don’t mind a few strings here and there while others are all about the “no strings” lifestyle. That includes strings like those attached to corded shavers and trimmers. If you’re one of the many men who prefers are shaver that can be charged for use with no strings attached, there are even more questions you must ask yourself to narrow your options and keep you satisfied with the choice you make.

One of the more important questions alludes to expectations. You likely have expectations concerning how long shavers or trimmers take to charge. You also want to know how long that charge will last during normal use of the shaver.

Depending on the technology of the shaver and the battery being used, some last much longer than others on a single charge. You want to identify your comfort zone and determine if you’re willing to charge your shaver daily or if you prefer to charge once a week. This also requires you to fully understand about how much time you spend shaving daily and how much work for the unit your shaves require. This may be something that requires a little bit of trial and error. If there is some uncertainty, you might want to be conservative in your estimates and look at the razor that charges quickly and delivers a longer runtime from a single charge.

Do You Have a Budget in Mind?

Trimmers & Shavers

Prices vary widely from one shaver to the next and one brand to the next. While some equate price with quality, that isn’t necessarily the case. In some instances, higher costs are associated with bells and whistles you may not want or need from your shaver.

While the price tag is important, so is knowing what it is that you’re paying for. In other words, find out where the costs in the shaver you’re considering are concentrated. At other times, the costs are associated with the bran name attached to a trimmer or shaver. If that is the case, you should think carefully about how much the brand name matters to you. Especially when there are other considerations that may be more important such as,

  • Warranties
  • Reputation
  • Capabilities
  • Versatility
  • Usability

It doesn’t matter how many amazing features a shaver has if it is so complex you can’t really figure out how to use it and shift back to mail ordering razor clubs instead.

Keep that in mind when exploring your options and look for trimmers and shavers that are focused providing you with the shave you need at a price you find affordable. We’ll never return to the days of a shave and a haircut for five cents, but you may be able to find a shaver or trimmer that works within your budget.

How Much Time are You Willing to Spend Cleaning and Maintaining Your Shaver?

We live in a disposable, throw away world. We humans like things we can use until they’ve outlived their usefulness and dispose of without a second thought. That isn’t the case once you find a shaver or trimmer you like. In fact, you might be willing to go out of your way to avoid replacing items such as these – especially considering how much you pay for them.

Which is why it’s important to look at the maintenance involved for things like:

Trimmers & Shavers
  • Keeping blades sharp.
  • Oiling trimmer blades.
  • Washing or cleaning your trimmer.
  • Replacing or changing blades (frequency, costs, and difficulty)

The more time you spend tending to the tasks of maintaining your trimmer, the less you may enjoy it in the long-term. Of course, there are some men who take pleasure in tasks such as these when grooming. If you are such a man, you may find that it adds value to the trimmer or shaver for you.

Do You Need a Lot of Bells and Whistles?

For some men, a shaver is utilitarian. They want one that is functional for their needs and don’t really care about the add-ons and “frills.” But there are some men who get total toy joy when buying a new shaver and want on that has all the features they’ll likely never use and a few they may find incredibly useful. Some bells and whistles you might find useful with your new shaver include things like:

  • LED countdown indicators for remaining charge. Some are general, signaling the approach of battery failure while others will count down the minutes remaining on the charge for you.
  • Interchangeable beard guides or an adjustable onboard beard guide. Either works for most men and both are convenient accessories to have.
  • Multi-function hair trimmer. Some men prefer to use their shavers and trimmers for more than their faces and need appropriate accessories for things like body hair trimming, nose hair trimming, and ear hair trimming, etc.

Whether you are interested in all the bells and whistles you can get your hands on or you’re looking for something that is more function than frill, the more you know about the “addons” and accessories the better informed decisions you can make when purchasing a new shaver.

Trimmers & Shavers

Finally, almost every man needs a shaver and trimmer that feels good in your hands. An ergonomic design that is intuitive and works well with the size and shape of your hands works best. Pay attention to information about the size and shape of the shaver when buying online and see if you can actually hold the shaver in your hand if you’re buying one in a store.

Every man is different. You have different needs, wishes, tastes, and requirements. The same is true of different shavers. They are all different. Helping you find the one that matches your needs best is what this buying guide is all about.

Our team has considered all the factors outlined in this buying guide, along with their expertise and knowledge in Shavers, to recommend the top choice for you. You can shop being confident that someone has considered all relevant information and you will get the best Shavers to meet your needs. Happy shopping!