Portable Toilet Buying Guide

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Written By Andrea Bullock
Portable Toilet Buying Guide

This may be hard to believe. However, the average person goes outdoors to attend nature’s call at least once per month! Some people may not do it at all, but others do it way more than once. It could be understandable if you consider that many people go camping, fishing, boating, canoeing, and more every year. Also, people attend outdoor events, such as concerts and barbecues that may not have convenient or clean facilities at all. Therefore, if you really dig deeper, it becomes easier to identify many scenarios in which a portable toilet comes very handy.

What to Look for When Buying a Portable Toilet

There are numerous portable toilets on the market, also known as camping toilets. It’s important to understand their key features and main types in order to choose the best one for your needs. Some of the key considerations to first focus on are as follows:

  • Location of use: The location of toilet use will help determine the best type, size, and importance of portability. If you know that you will carry your toilet in a van to then use it outdoors. A smaller model that fits in your van, that is light to carry with convenient handles, may be best. On the other hand, if you plan to use your portable toilet in a trailer where you have more space and a more static location, then a larger, heavier one could work for you.
  • Frequency of use: It is important to consider how many people will be using the portable toilet. And for how many days/weeks/months at a time. This influences the capacity needed, and more frequent uses may require more comfortable models.
  • Who will use it: Having females, elderly, children as people who will use the portable toilet will also play a role in determining the best type of portable seat since, for example, older people may need a higher model so sit more comfortable on it, or children may need a small toilet bowl.

Types of Portable Toilets and How They Work?

Our review and recommendations have focused on high-volume toilets, but below are the main types of toilets for people to consider. They fall under three main categories as follows:

  • Bucket toilet: This is the simplest and most cost-effective type since it is literally like a bucket, but with a seat to cover its top. People also call these toilets bucket potties or potty pails.
  • Collapsible/foldable and bag toilet: This is also a simple, cost-effective toilet that consists of a seat, a waste bag, and a frame. What makes it convenient to use is that the waste bag is easy to remove and dispose of and that the frame folds so it is very easy to carry around as they take little space and they are lightweight.
  • High-volume and flush camping toilet: This toilet is the most popular due to its comfort, which encourages more frequent use, and its efficient waste disposal system. These toilets feature two tanks – one for water to wash away waste, and another for storing the waste.Some use chemicals to break-down matter and minimize smells. A valve separates one tank from the other to prevent foul odors from making for an uncomfortable experience.

Portable Toilets – Features:

The types of toilets mentioned above have different features to consider before making a purchase since you want to ensure that you find the best model that is right for you:


Portability is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a portable toilet, as they are designed for easy transportability. The first point to think about is their size and weight, and who will likely be carrying it around. For example, a 6”, 300-lb person may be very comfortable carrying around this larger/heavier portable toilet while a smaller framed person will need a smaller, lighter weight option. Therefore, everyone needs to consider their circumstances to find what will work for him/her. When choosing a portable toilet, consider whether it can fold, the amount of space it will occupy in the vehicle for transportation, and whether it has handles for easy carrying.


While portable toilets are meant to be used as temporary solutions and comfort may be a secondary factor for some, it may be very important for others. There are many toilet features that contribute to comfort, such as the seat shape/finishing and height of the seat. The comfort may be influenced to the people who will be using it, such as if there are people with joint issues that a taller design, or more mature people or children.


Newer models are really paying more attention to design and style, on top of the comfort features that have always been important. As portable toilets become more prevalent, some people want to ensure that they not only function well and are comfortable, but also have an attractive appearance, whether they will use them outdoors or inside a trailer or other indoor space where they may need to match the decor or style.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Easy cleaning and maintenance are on everyone’s list since no one wants toilets that are hard to clean, that get waste clinging to their surfaces, or are hard to empty and maintain. Therefore, you should always pay special attention to these features as you shop for a portable toilet. Manufacturers usually provide specific maintenance instructions, and some may require the use of specific products or toilet paper.

Waste disposal:

This is probably the most unpleasant part of using a portable toilet, but manufacturers have improved their models to make this easier either by having tanks with surfaces that let waste slide out more easily, or introducing caps that pour out waste conveniently, just to name a few. You also want to consider whether you will be able to dispose of waste on public restrooms, waste dumping stations, or other facilities, depending on where you will be using your portable toilet. This will also help determine what tank capacity you may need and the specific steps you must take.

Be sure to take your time to consider all the information available regarding portable toilets and you will end up with one that meets all your needs and that it is within your budget. Hopefully, you can find one that will last you a long time so you get a great return on your investment, and it your family and friends enjoy it during all your adventures!

Our team has considered all the factors outlined in this buying guide, along with their expertise and knowledge about Portable Toilet to recommend the top choice for you. You can shop being confident that someone has considered all relevant information and you will get the Portable Toilet to meet your needs. Happy shopping!