Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame Buying Guide

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Written By Ava Bennett
Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame Buying Guide

Just when you thought you are done with your bedroom’s main furniture by finally choosing that right mattress, you are now faced with yet another decision to make. What do you put underneath that mattress? Is it not enough that you already have a nice and sturdy mattress to do the job? Why make such a big deal with mattress foundations or bed frames?

Aside from simply making your bed look normal and well-placed, mattress foundations serve other functions.

A Good Foundation For Beds

Truth be told you can just do with a mattress plopped on the floor for you to sleep on. The mattress, provided you have an even flooring that will not affect the placement, will still work as a good place to sleep in. Some people even end up doing it! However, if you have considerations to make in terms of how high your bed should be then you would not want the mattress lying on the floor.

Mattress Foundations Raise Your Bed

Getting on your bed and getting off it should be a comfortable experience. Especially if you have any physical challenge with going a little lower than your usual height of beds, a mattress on a floor will be a problem. Some might even struggle with getting up on their own from the floor! These foundations are usually designed for a standard height though you can choose for a custom-height that fits you especially if you are above the average height for people. 

Not only do these mattress foundations increase your overall bed height, they also increase the lifespan of your spring mattresses. Certain foundations equipped to take over some of the pressure on the mattress, will help on the strain applied on the coils. This way your inner springs will not wear as quickly.

Summarising why you should get a good and comfortable mattress foundation:

  1. Increases mattress lifespan through added absorption of pressure
  2. Improves support to prevent sagging of your mattress
  3. Increases airflow instead of the mattress closely in contact to the floor
  4. Prevents unnecessary movement of the mattress while on the floor
  5. Makes your bed height taller for ease of access
  6. Keeps your mattress clean by not coming in contact with the dirt on the floor

Choosing Your Type of Foundation

Depending on what your needs are for the bed, different kinds of foundations and frames are available in the market to choose from. Prices will vary among these foundations so choosing a more affordable option means you are getting cheaper material and may not have the same features as the more expensive ones. This list will enumerate some of the more popular foundations and bed frames out there that are available in your mattress stores or even online.

Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame
  • Box Spring Foundation
    Some mattress warranties highly recommend the pairing of their spring mattress with the box spring foundation. This is because it has been known to extend the life of spring mattresses through their added inner spring absorption of the weight applied to your bed. Another reason why you would choose this over the other foundations is because of price. It is widely known to be cheaper than the solid platform foundations. But remember to watch out for any subpar material or build when choosing cheaper foundations. Usually the problems start to show just after a few months of using it at home.
Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame
  • Slatted Foundation
    Slatted bed foundations can either be made from wood or metal frames. With the wooden build you have planks laid out and spaced from each other over the bed frame. The metal frames are similar but you want to check with the metal used because subpar metal thickness will easily give under a lot of pressure. Though there are pet owners who would prefer metal over wood because the wooden foundations might be a temptation for their cats, dogs, or birds to chew and damage. Though we mentioned box springs to be affordable, slatted foundations take the crown for affordability. Also, unlike box springs, it is easier to repair a slatted foundation because the components of the foundation make it modular in nature. If you break one part of the foundation you only replace one of the planks.
Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame
  • Solid Platform Base
    With how it is designed to get a lot of area covered as possible, the solid platform base offers the most support and durability of all the bed frame options. They are generally made to be lower than the standard bed frame with box spring combination. You often see these in Asian or Zen-inspired interior designs and they can look fabulous with their sleek finish and extra compartments underneath the mattress. If your mattress of choice is quite heavy like the memory foam or hybrid mattresses, then this can support that with no problem at all. However, for such a solid build with extra features, you can also expect a higher price tag that comes with it. There are options for cheaper solid platform foundations but the pricing goes up in proportion to the materials used.
  • Adjustable Bed Frame
    The most expensive among the bed frames and foundations is  the adjustable version. If you have not tried this inside a home, you might see this in hospitals because they are designed to give the most optimal position and angle for the sleeper. Some of the users would exclaim how their sleeping habits have completely changed just because they are now more in control of their sleeping posture. These frames can go all the way up to two thousand dollars each so you do need to consider mattress compatibility before even buying the foundation. If you have not yet purchased a mattress, find one that is able to conform to the adjustments. Usually hybrid mattresses or memory foams are able to fit nicely with this kind of bed frame.

Do remember as well that shops do not only offer variations in material and frame type. You have an option to choose different colors, customisations, wood finishings, and other design choices that will match your interior. Do not be afraid to ask for more choices in design.

Quality Control Reminders

When shopping for the right frame and foundation, always ask about the materials used. Reputable brands are often excited to talk about what they use to make their mattress foundation because this is their main selling point. The materials used allow them to boast their unique selling point and for a good reason too. Coupled with that eagerness should also be an acceptable warranty of at least five years if you are getting a cheaper mattress foundation, and higher than if you really are putting in a larger investment. 
Speaking of warranties you will also have to talk to your mattress supplier because using certain mattress foundations not recommended by the manufacturer will make you lose your warranty coverage.

Mattress Foundation & Bed Frame

Online reviews are a helpful resource and some of these discussion boards will have some enthusiastic homeowners who are quick to share their own experience. Ask about how the frames work for them and if there were issues how they fixed them.

Lastly, return policies are also very important. You do not want to end up with a bed frame or foundation that does not match your room or even your mattress. The option to return or exchange will be your saving grace in the event that you accidentally made the wrong choice.

Our team has considered all the factors outlined in this buying guide, along with their expertise and knowledge in Mattress Foundations, to recommend the top choice for you. You can shop being confident that someone has considered all relevant information and you will get the best Mattress Foundations to meet your needs. Happy shopping!