Bidets Buying Guide

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Bidets Buying Guide

Bidets have been around for a very long time. They are an invention of the french and today have become quite popular in Asia, most especially in Japan. The concept of bidet is simply washing with water instead of using excessive amounts of tissue paper. In the US, bidets have not yet picked up in popularity because of a negative association between bidets and certain groups of people. Today, with the greater concern for the environment, bidet usage has come forward as a gold standard for replacing tissue paper in washing after toilet use.

You can find detailed reviews and analysis of these bidets by visiting our top bidet reviews. We believe that by exploring these reviews, you will gain a better understanding of the features, benefits, and performance of each bidet, ultimately assisting you in finding the perfect bidet for your needs.

A Friend To The Environment

Are not bidets tools to use water? Will it not be more water-conservative if we use tissue paper? What you might not know about tissue production is that it requires several gallons of water just to produce one roll of tissue! Now that is a lot of water wasted.

With the bidet you can clean up effectively and accurately. Though for a lot of users, they have not completely abandoned the use of tissue, however, there is a significant difference in the quantity of tissue paper used when supplemented with bidet usage. 

To give you a better picture on tissue use demand we can turn to Asia. In the recent rise of the pandemic, Asian countries did not struggle with tissue shortages because the demand was not that high for rolls of tissue.

Fixed Or Held

Bidets were fairly simple before in the old days. There was a wash basin and a faucet specifically for washing after toilet use. While the original stand-alone bidets are still available, today we have several bidet designs that one can choose from. If you do not wish to be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices then let us break it down to categorizing based on fixture.

Fixed-Type Bidets
  • Fixed-Type Bidets
    Fixed-type bidets are bidet attachments which are installed directly on the toilet bowl. Their water supply comes from the same water supply pipe that fills your toilet water. The adjustment knob or lever for this type of bidet is mostly found installed on the right side of the toilet. The nozzle of the bidet can either be sticking out or will pop out from the water pressure released. 
    There are two categories in this fixed-type of bidet: (a) bidet attachments where they attach directly to the seat. (b) bidet seats which can be installed directly on the toilet
Hand-held bidets
  • Hand-held Bidets
    Hand-held bidets offer more freedom in movement and accuracy of washing. You can control the pressure and waterflow by simply pushing the lever of the bidet. Because it is not a fixed structure it does not have to depend on the design and shape of the toilet. It is more likely the bidet of choice when you go to a modern hotel in Southeast Asia.

Material Considerations

While there are several cheaper options of bidets in the market, you have to consider the material used for the bidet. 

Plastic seems like the easy choice because of its cost. You do not have to deal with rust and corrosion when you use plastic bidets. Most bidet seats and bidet attachments are actually made of plastic. The nozzle sometimes would be the exception being made of stainless steel or metal. Stainless steel would always be the better choice especially when dealing with water because rust is a problem you would not want to deal with later.

bidet nozzle

As for hand-held bidets made of plastic, some users report that the problem lies on the durability of the plastic. Less than a year of use, especially for water systems with high pressure, they experience cracking of the bidet and leaking follows. You can remedy this if your supply source for your toilet water has a valve to lower water pressure.  You might also need to be careful with how certain bidets may look like they are made of stainless steel. This might come off deceiving especially when you receive it and it turns out to be plastic so check the fine print and product description for the material makeup. 

Stainless steel for bidets is the obvious long-term choice. Now these will not come as cheap as their plastic counterparts and for a good reason to. They do not corrode easily. They are convenient to clean. The smooth and sleek design makes for a more luxurious look. They also handle pretty nicely. Plastic levers tend to have a less ergonomic experience as opposed to the stainless steel bidet levers which need a gentle push to get the water flowing.

Bidet Hose Material

If you are narrowing down to the hand-held bidet you must know that one of its component parts that receives constant strain and tension is the hose. A good number of users experience damage from their bidet hose while the bidet nozzle itself continues to work perfectly fine. There could be leakage from the point where the hose connects to the water supply. This is from the constant movement of the bidet. 

So another consideration to be made is if your hose is durable and can handle different ranges of motion. Plastic hoses can only bend and curve so much before it strains on its certain parts. Flexible stainless steel hose similar to ones you find in your showers, are designed for constant movement and therefore will not be affected by the pulling of the bidet. 

You can also opt for a coil-type bidet hose which is also made of plastic but is designed to stretch more effectively and also recoil back so that it does not hang loose and touch the floor.

Before You Buy, Can You Install?

bidet installation

Most newcomers in bidet buying often make the mistake of assuming that all bidets can universally work with their current plumbing and toilet system. Some reviews online would end up saying that their bidet cannot attach to their water supply. Some would even say that the bidet seat would not fit on their existing toilet bowl.

Knowing that not all bidets are created equal check on the specifications first and also do a personal check on your own toilet. If you find that you are not too sure on whether you can install a bidet on your toilet then a professional plumber may give you some insight. Some water supply valves might not be compatible for a bidet installation and you will need to have the right valve installed. 

As for bidet seats and attachments, the product specifications often clarify whether or not your toilet will match with the bidet.

Choosing Your Supplier

There is no one brand that dominates and monopolizes the bidet industry. With so many choices you just have to make sure that the supplier you are getting from can help you with your questions most especially related to toilet and bidet compatibility.

Warranty also has to be considered most especially for electronic bidet seats and expensive stainless steel hand-held bidets. They are built for long-term use and should have warranty support if you experience any problem within a few months of use.

Do check as well if your supplier has readily available parts because problems with bidets are not always completely destructive. They can easily be fixed by replacing a hose, or the bidet’s o-ring.

Bidet: the Global Trend

Whether you feel that bidet use helps with the environment or you feel that it helps with your hygiene, it is best to dispel the myth of bidet use as dirty and embrace its benefits. Bidets are for everyone!

Our team has considered all the factors outlined in this buying guide, along with their expertise and knowledge in Bidet, to recommend the top choice for you. You can shop being confident that someone has considered all relevant information and you will get the best Bidet to meet your needs. Happy shopping!

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