Portable Toilet Reviews

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Portable Toilet Reviews

Portable toilets have been around for a very long time, and they have been great companions of happy outdoor moments for many individuals and families. These are very suitable in a number of situations, such as camping trips, long car rides, RVs, cabins, trucks, trailers, or anywhere where public bathrooms may not be readily available.

Their general design has remained the same with a top seat and detachable bottom tank, but newer models come with a lot of suitable features like sealing latches and improved flushing mechanisms. They have become a lot easier to transport with lighter models, easier to clean with better surfaces that avoid waste or odor issues, easier to empty with more convenient spouts and caps, just to name a few.

Our ‘Buying Guide’ has useful detailed information to help you make your choice, and below we have listed the best models of 2024 that will help you find what you are looking for. Get your portable toilet now!

Portable Toilets – Top 4 in 2024

There are various brands and options currently on the market and everyone just needs to know what to look for in order to make the perfect purchase, so we have conducted a review of all moveable toilets and summarized our key findings below so you can know what the recommended models are for 2024. This will save you time and effort as you won’t have to gather all this information from different sources, as we have already done this for you! Keep reading and all your questions will be answered, and you will find the best portable toilet for you.

1. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet – Editor’s Choice

The Camco Standard portable travel toilet is a great option for any outdoor trip, where traditional toilets cannot be found. It was designed for camping, Rving, boating or any other recreational activity. And it comes with a seat and lid, and in two different holding capacities with detachable holding tanks: 2.6 gallons and 5.3 gallons. It also comes in three different styles: standard, premium, and premium frustration-free packaging (5.3-gallon model only).

This portable toilet is made of sturdy polyethylene, and can hold a person that is up to 330 lbs. Despite this sturdiness, it is also compact, lightweight and has carrying handles on the top and bottom tanks. These features make it easy to carry around while using the handle and not having much weight to carry around. The 5.3-gallon model weighs just over 11 lbs when it is empty.

Regarding the flush tank, the top half has a toilet with a lid, seat and bowl, and it can hold 2.5 gallons of water in the 5.3-gallon model. The flush tank can be filled with clean water through a capped opening on the top of the toilet. The other side of the flush tank has a bellow-type pump that is used to flush water into the tank when waste needs to be removed. The sides of the flush tank have latches to secure it to the toilet.

On the bottom part of the waste tank, the waste can be removed by opening the sliding gate valve. When closed, this creates an odor- and water-tight seal, which is a very important feature in any portable toilet since nobody wants leaks of any kind.

Easy emptying of the waste tank can be done by opening the cap at the back of the waste tank, though some users have reported that the waste container is quite heavy, and they found this to be challenging despite the unit overall being lightweight. 

Another important consideration for this toilet is that it is kid-friendly, so anyone in the family can use it – from the smallest to the larger framed people. Kids find this portable toilet to have a large opening that doesn’t allow them to comfortably sit on.

Also, this toilet comes with a packet of Camco’s TS biodegradable toilet chemical and TST orange drop-in samples.

Overall, this is a great portable toilet, especially because of its odor control and portability features, as well as the use of minimal water, so it is at the top of many people’s lists.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Features: Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

  • Brand: Camco
  • Available colors: Gray
  • Total seat width – 5.3 gallons: 13”
  • Seat dimensions (inside) – 5.3 gallons: 16.38H x 13.75W x 16.13D inches
  • Weight (empty) –5.3 gallons – Standard: 11.5 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Item model number: 41541
  • Manufacturer part number:
  • Folding: No

Overall, this is a great buy due to its ease of setup, comfortable use, customer service, and warranty.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Pros: Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

  • Durable polyethylene construction 
  • Lightweight, convenient 
  • Bellows-type pump 
  • Side latches to secure top to bottom 
  • Easy emptying 
  • Integrated handles for portability

Cons: Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

  • Waste container is quite heavy

2. Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

The Thetford Porta Potti Curve has a sleek, modern and home-like design, which makes it a preferred portable toilet by many people who venture into the outdoors, where public restrooms may not always be available. Certainly, this model has an increased bowl size and comfortable seat height.

A unique feature of this model is its combined toilet paper holder since not many portable toilets offer this built-in option. This holder keeps the toilet paper handily attached to the unit, with a compartment that can be closed to keep the toilet paper hidden and clean when it is not being used.

This portable toilet is designed to be odorless and leak proof, which makes it a desirable and sanitary option for users. It is also convenient with its hidden controls, with a holding tank level indicator for fresh water and waste tanks. Additionally, it has an easy pour-out spout to easily empty it, and a cap to close the pour-out spout after cleaning to make this process as simple as possible.

The flushing mechanism is battery-powered and it uses minimal water, averaging at approximately 56 flushes per tank. Also, the fresh water tank is big enough to store enough water for many days on the road.

Despite its very good design and mechanisms, a few users have mentioned that they experienced minor leakages, but it is nothing prevalent to be concerned about.

This Thetford Curve model is very durable, easy to use and to clean, so it is convenient for any situation. Whether you use it on a boat, on an RV or in your home, you are guaranteed of good results when you use the Porta Potti.

Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

Features: Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

  • Brand: Thetford
  • Available colors: white and grey  
  • Seat shape: oval
  • Flushing mechanism: battery-powered
  • Height with lid closed: 17-5/8″, 44.8 cm 
  • Depth: 17-3/4″, 45 cm 
  • Width: 15-1/4″, 38.8 cm
  • Weight: 4.54 kg
  • Tank capacity: Freshwater – 4 gallons, Wastewater – 5.5 gallons
  • Item model number: 92360
  • Manufacturer part number: 92360
  • Folding: No
Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

Pros: Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

  • Elegant design and comfortable to use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Integrated toilet paper holder: Keep your toilet paper within reach but out of sight with our integrated toilet paper holder
  • Hidden controls: Holding tank level indicator for fresh water and waste tanks
  • Easy Pour-Out Spout for convenient emptying
  • Cleaning made simple: Cap and close the pour out valve after cleaning

Cons: Thetford Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

  • Few users mentioned that minor leakage may occur

3. Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

This portable toilet is very efficient and comfortable. It comes in 2.6-gallon and 5 gallon self contained holding tank options. Also with the ability to add stainless steel hold down brackets for secure installation to the floor if desired.

The Dometic portable toilet is made of high-density polyethylene, providing toughness and strength. Its high-strength ABS construction withstands harsh environments. It has an attractive, scratch-resistant matte finish that is very easy to keep clean and can also stay looking like new for a very long time. This strength and durability are two great features for a toilet that makes it convenient to use in different places while on the go. 

Apart from a sleek look, this toilet has a full-size seat. It has a latching lid for secure travel, and some models include brackets for secure installation.

The flushing mechanism is also very convenient, with a powerful push-button pressurized flush that uses less than one pint (or 0.5 L) of water, and instantly clears the bowl. This makes for a hygienic flush with less pump and less mess, as well as less odors. This toilet is superior to its competitors as it does not require pumping or batteries. It also has an easy-view prismatic tank level indicator for easy tank level monitoring.

It doesn’t take up too much space, so you can store it in small areas such as under a bench in an RV or camper. The unit is compact, but the holding tank is surprisingly big.

This compact aspect can also have other advantages and disadvantages. The toilet’s compact size makes it convenient for families with small children to use. However, the toilet is small for taller people, so we recommend to place it on a stand or platform if possible. When on the move, people wish for the comforts of home and the 970 Series of portable toilets provides just that since this is a portable and easy to carry toilet that is perfect for smaller vehicles and tents due to the unique compact design.

Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

Features: Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

  • Brand: Dometic
  • Available colors: Tan
  • Optional stainless steel hold-down brackets: Yes
  • Dimensions – 5 Gallon with hold-down brackets: Height: 15 ¼” (38.7 cm), Width: 13 1/8” (33.3 cm), Length: 15 ¼” (38.7 cm)
  • Weight – 5 Gallon with hold-down brackets: 13.1 lbs
  • Item model number: 301097502
  • Manufacturer part number: 301097502
  • Folding: No
Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

Pros: Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

  • Efficient and compact
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Full-size toilet seat
  • Less pump less mess: powerful push-button pressurized flush
  • Easy to clean and easy tank level monitoring

Cons: Dometic 301097506 970 Portable Toilet

  • Too low for tall people

4. Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

The Camco Travel Toilet is a very comfortable option, whether you need it for road trips, boat trips, camping or any other on-the-go experience.

The top of the toilet features a larger seat size than most models in the same competing category, with an increased bowl size. The elongated seat creates a very comfortable experience while using it. Also a durable ABS material on the interior surface helps prevent odors from attaching to it, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance of the unit.

The fresh water holding tank is detachable and it seals firmly to avoid any leaks or odors from escaping the unit. Moreover, the slick interior surface makes waste removal easier and more efficient. The pump flush action effectively rinses the toilet bowl, complementing the design well. Further, anyone can remove the flush tank one-handed by flipping a single spring-loaded locking latch that automatically re-attaches. The swivel dumping elbow makes waste removal easy.

The Camco toilet has a lid that can be latched closed, making it easier to transport the unit. So it can also be completely removed for cleaning purposes.

It has a sliding gate valve that seals in odors and prevents leaks, and a cap that creates a tight seal to prevent water leakage. Although rare, a few users have reported experiencing leaks. Commonly people do not report or concern about this issue. Overall, the Camco Travel toilet is a great unit while on-the-go because it is very comfortable, easy to clean, and it is durable, so it will surely last a long time.

 Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

Features: Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

  • Brand: Camco
  • Capacity: 2.6 gallons and 5.3 gallons
  • Color: White top / Gray bottom
  • Weight – 5.3 gallons: 11.5 pounds (empty) and 42.5 lbs (full)
  • Product Dimensions – 5.3 gallons: 17.5″H x 16.25″ w x 18″D
  • Item model number: 41535 
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 41535
Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

Pros: Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

  • Perfect for Remote Activities: Ideal for camping, hunting and other remote activities
  • Features: An elongated seat for additional comfort
  • Durable Construction: Made of durable ABS
  • Easy-to-Clean: Has a smooth finish for easy cleaning es for portability

Cons: Camco 41535 Travel Toilet

  • Some users have reports rare instances of leaks

For those of you who like to do your own research, our experts have written a broad Portable Toilet Buyer’s Guide. This can help you review a lot of useful information, and select the best Portable Toilet to meet your needs.

15 thoughts on “Portable Toilet Reviews”

  1. For the past four months, we have been living in a cabin located behind our child’s home while camping out. Unfortunately, there is no plumbing in the cabin, so we have been using a camp sink and the Camco toilet. Initially, we used an older model of the toilet that I had owned for approximately ten years and only used for occasional camping trips. However, after two months of use, the flush pump failed, and the seat cracked, causing a difficult-to-clean poo-soaked crack. As a result, I purchased a new, more durable version of the toilet, which is made of stronger plastic and is more resilient than its predecessor. Additionally, there have been design changes that have made it much easier to disassemble for emptying and more efficient to empty. It’s essential to note that I recommend cleaning it frequently, as emptying 5.3 gallons of water and semi-solids can be quite a heavy load. This upgrade is a significant improvement and should last us until we move into our new house.

  2. We have not had a chance to use Camco Standard portable travel toilet yet, but it is well made. Only complaint is the size of the seat, it is smaller than a regular toilet seat, will be challenging for a guy to use, he’s going to need to scoot around to do both jobs.

  3. I was a skeptic and laughed when my wife bought CamCo, however not having to leave the tent to pee was amazing and having a stool in the tent was a plus. However when it gets about half full, i.e. up to the level of the drain cap, it starts to leak around the drain cap seal. I am not even close to the upper weight limit (330) for this porta potty. I tried tightening the cap and using it with the flush valve open but it still leaked. The leak is not very big but its still piss on floor

  4. As a truck driver, it can be tough finding a restroom along the interstate. But I gotta say, this product has been a real game-changer for me. There have been many times where I hit a long stretch of highway and the next gas station or rest area is miles away, and this thing has saved me. The only thing I’d add to it is a spray handle, but other than that, it’s pretty impressive. It’s completely air-tight, which means no odors, and it’s really easy to use.

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that when you’re opening the valve, make sure you do it before you actually need to use it. The pressure in the waste tank changes with elevation, so if you wait until after you’re finished, you might get sprayed with some…unpleasantness. And trust me, I learned that the hard way.

    But overall, it’s a great product, especially for those of us with IBS or who drive in areas with limited rest areas during the winter. It’s also really easy to clean, so just make sure you keep it that way and it’ll last you a long time. And don’t forget to use those RV waste tank drop-in tablets, unless you want to deal with some nasty smells.

  5. I find mini portable toilet to be excellent and use it during our trips to the cabin, where we currently lack a bathroom facility.

  6. We’ll be using a camper as temporary lodging while our house is being constructed. The Mini toilet is functioning well, although I recommend placing a few sheets of toilet paper before using it. This ensures no mess and easy disposal. For its price, it’s definitely worth it.

  7. So I have owned Camco portable toilet and been using this toilet for close to a year now. I use it primarily for camping and in my sprinter van. The toilet is excellent when used in a situation where it will not be transported with liquid in the upper flush tank. For instance, I use it while camping set up in a small privacy tent, I fill the upper flush chamber, throw some blue powder in the lower tank with a bit of water and it is great. I usually find a park toilet to empty it into after use. It does get heavy (even the 2.6 gallon one) when full so be aware of that. It does need vigorous shaking to get the waste out of the lower tank which is easily detached from the upper seat / flush tank. If you are intending to use the toilet and not transport it (like using it in a van / truck / auto / plane… whatever might shake it up) this is a great choice. NOW.. we come to the big issue with this toilet wile using it for a van. First of all the cap to the upper chamber has an intended vent hole in it. Water in the upper chamber will come out of it while being transported !! I used some caulk to seal this hole to prevent this from happening and it stopped that problem. I thought problem solved.. no more issue. Fortunately I had the foresight to make a stainless catch pan “just in case” with a 2 inch lip that will hold water to set it in. Off I went to Baja for a month long trip in the van with it. Baja is the ultimate test for just about anything, and this toilet did not live up to this task. Not only does the upper tank fill cap squirt water out of it with any movement of the water. It will also allow water to come out of the flushing system and sit in the bowl. This water will then slosh out of the bowl and onto the floor (GROSS). So… for stationary use this is a nice toilet. For use in a vehicle or even being transported while the upper flush chamber is full… choose another toilet !!!

  8. Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet is overall a good product, I use it camping in my VW bus. The only problem is I find it leaks a little when I separate the two pieces to empty it, seams like a better seal could be designed. Otherwise I love it. I can carry it into a public bathroom without looking TOO weird and dump right in any toilet.

    After another couple months on the road I wanted to update with a design flaw that is annoying but not a huge deal. The dump nozzle is in a couple inches from the edge of the tank which makes it hard to drain everything out of it. Just seems like it could be on the corner of the tank so it would all drain out easily!

  9. Very happy with this compact portable toilet. My wife and I sleep in a cute loft in our Victorian cottage but going down the handcrafted spiral stairs at 3 PM to answer natures call became a nuisance as we aged (it happens). This Camco potti has been a bedside godsend. I just empty it down our bathroom loo every three or four days. I’m 6′ tall so it was a bit of a drop for me to seat myself (we only use it for #1 but she who must be obeyed ‘suggested’ I sit in order to avoid male pattern dribble at all costs). So I built a simple little platform out of 2X4 and plywood scraps which, with a bit of paint, looks quite presentable (see photo attached–we put a rubber cupboard liner between the platform and potti to keep it from sliding around–works great). Unfortunately, on one of my pre-platform drops, I came down a bit forcefully and cracked the toilet seat a bit. We lived with this for many months but eventually it became a mild irritant given the tenderness of that part of the anatomy. So I called the 800 number on the company’s website to see if I might be able to purchase a toilet seat separately. I spoke with a nice fellow named Rick who took my name and address and sent out a replacement free of charge! It arrived today, I swapped it out without incident and we are back in business! With a little reflection, one can imagine the many possible applications of this compact device. I recommend it heartily.

  10. So I waited a whole year to write a review on this product.
    I can tell you this, Camco portable toilet is amazing and the button that flushes still works too, I noticed another reviewer said his broke very easily. Well we definitely do not baby ours at all it is our primary toilet and I say this because we live in a tiny house, ok it is a she’d converted into a tiny house. So we use it all the time. The bad part is we have to take it out every three days or so when 3 people are using it. It is also very heavy and awkward to carry. It is also messy IF you forget it’s full and continue to use it. This is an issue with children who say they can’t hold it for one more minute while you take it out to dump it before they use it again. So note to all don’t overfill it cause it is nasty to clean it.
    It also has a lot of crevices that are hard to clean. Somehow I have managed. Right now I don’t mind using this little toilet, but in the future we plan to switch to a composting toilet. Another thing this toilet will stink really bad if you don’t use the septic chemicals used in an RV, so make sure you buy some of that blue stuff or some STP.

    All in all we like Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet toilet and it has paid for itself be in many ways to us. Hope this is helpful.

  11. I bought a cottage that currently does not have running water, so bought Camco Standard Portable toilet, and used lake water to fill it up. It was very easy to put together. I was there for 3 full days, and used it for both (…) on multiple occasions. I did not throw my toilet paper in the toilet to save space. Granted I was by myself but it looks like I barely filled a third. I did not get hot summer days so things may be different when it is very hot, but I did not smell a thing, maybe a little bit of the product you put in the tank before use. It was very easy to pull apart to bring the bottom part home, I emptied it in my toilet, and yes it is gross to look at, and you don’t have much choice but look at where you are pouring, but really, it did not smell at all beyond again a bit of the chemical product, and it was very liquid.

    I had to rinse it a few times before all the bits came out, and I disinfected it with a bit of javex, and now it’s good as new. I did put my nose very close to sniff, after the javex rinse, and only smell plastic and javex.

    It is very comfortable to sit on, and I was so very happy to have this while up there!

  12. I bought Camco portable toilet so that we could go places and not use a public restroom since most of them are closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. In the back of the minivan it works great. It’s very private back there if you back up to a building or some trees. The product is durable, and very easy to clean, and I would buy it again but there are some improvements that would be nice. The two lock down handles that holds the clean tank to the dirty tank seem like they could be improved. They have come apart on me but fortunately it didn’t fall far and the tanks are thick and durable. The sliding valve between the two tanks makes me a bit nervous because it doesn’t have a latch/lock position. Seems like it could come open on me and cover me in stuff i don’t want on me, but it hasn’t. I did have that problem with a different issue that was my fault. I did not check the waste tank cap before the first use and the cap was not tight from the factory. The cap is pretty awesome and i can get it super tight, in fact it gets so tight i cannot open it. I use a trick with a dish towel, roll it lengthwise and wrap it around the cap and use it as a wrench. But maybe a bump or two molded into the cap would allow me more leverage. Overall it works great though. The kids (5-8yr old girls) are not all strong enough to push the flush plunger but I help them. Contains the smells as well as you could expect if you use the chemical tablets. We really only use it for day trips for the 5 of us. But it has given us the freedom to get out and it’s well worth the price! I also bought a pop up tent to use as an outhouse but the back of the minivan is easier and doesn’t draw anyone’s attention. My minivan is now an RV!

  13. This Camco Travel Toilet is the best thing I could have gotten for our camping trips aside from the tents. My kids made fun of me, ‘Oh mom, what’s the matter, can’t walk to the restrooms at the campsite?’… No, I do not want to walk through the trees in the complete dark to the restrooms. Well, those nay sayers used my “Queen’s Throne” as I call it, regularly. All night long too. Especially convenient for the little ones (6 & 7 years old). I filled the top half with clean water upon arrival. On the suggestion of a friend, I dropped one of the little waste dissolving pouches into the bottom with a large cup of water to ‘get it started’ & not have the ‘first use’ get stuck to the bottom so-to-speak. There were 2 children & 2 adults who used this on a regular basis Friday night, Saturday when we were at the campsite & night & Sunday morning. It did not need emptying until we left Sunday mid-morning & there was still a good amount of clean water in the top half.
    There was absolutely no odor at all!! I was very pleasantly surprised & pleased about this! Waste went cleanly down the opening & the ‘flusher’ rinsed everything all nice & clean.
    Disassembled, I will say that 5 gallon bottom ‘waste’ container is very, very heavy (well for me anyway), so my son had to get it into the car so I could take to the dump station. Very easy to empty into the station disposal ‘opening’ (I VERY STRONGLY suggest having a pair of rubber gloves on hand lol). Not to be gross, but everything was ‘dissolved’ & there was not that horrendous odor you’d think there would be. Those waste tablets that come with the unit work very well. Take the hose available at the dump station, rinse the bottom part out & done.
    I bought a small container of sanitizing hand wipes that I kept next to the unit so everyone could ‘wash’ their hands after use.
    Going tent camping, pontoon boat for the day, etc. – this is the unit to have for convenient, sanitary, odorless ‘personal’ restroom convenience. Very, very highly recommend it. We will get a lot of use out of this.


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